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Dialogue sur la santé mentale Webdiffusion   Mardi 15 décembre 2009

Présentateur : Howard Chodos, Ph. D. Directeur, Stratégie en matière de santé mentale, Commission de la santé mentale du Canada M. CHODOS FERA LE POINT SUR L’ÉTAT D’AVANCEMENT DE LA STRATÉGIE CANADIENNE EN MATIÈRE DE SANTÉ MENTALE

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Connections Canada Mental Health Webcast December 10th 2009

Connections Canada  thanks all who attended the recent webcast. A recording of the webcast is now available by clicking Here

We would like to thank Howard Chodos, PH.D, Director, Mental Health Strategy, Mental Health Commission of Canada.   Mr. Chodos who discussed the progress of the development of Canada’s Mental Health Strategy.  

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The CCAMHR Management and Communications Teams have met to discuss the future direction of the Coalition and develop plans aimed at bringing us together on a regular basis to discuss priority issues in the Canada.

There is little doubt that we are embarking on a very exciting path in dealing with mental health and illness issues in this country with the advent of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Several of our CCAMHR members are actively involved with the Commission serving as members of the Board of Directors or on specific Advisory Committees.

As we move forward, it has become readily apparent that we must have the capacity to speak with one voice on critical issues and priorities while at the same time taking advantage of the tools at our disposal to stay in touch as well as be in a position to share our best and promising practices across the country and with other parts of the world.

Over the past couple of years the CCAMHR and National Network for Mental Health has been very effective and proactive in forging meaningful and sustained relationships with other organizations and alliances around the world. It is felt that we as a Coalition should take advantage of these open doors and develop links with our counterparts in these other countries.

The National Network for Mental Health has offered our Coalition a powerful web-casting software which could provide regular web casts linking CCAMHR members as well as providing us the opportunity to link with our counterparts in Canada and other countries. These webcasts would serve a twofold purpose in that they would allow us the opportunity to present information and training forums on topics of interest to our members e.g. peer support, recovery, youth services, spirituality and capacity building to name but a few to sharing best and promising practices across the country.

On behalf of the CCAMHR, we look forward to working with our peers across Canada.

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Recovery Presentation by Chris Summerville