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A National Consumer Coalition for Canada

Connections Canada Mental Health Webcast December 10th 2009

Mission Statement

The Canadian Coalition of Alternative Mental Health Resources is a National forum that embraces best practices, alternative programs, learning opportunities, knowledge transfer and resource sharing.

Vision Statement

Canadian society will embrace the dignity, integrity, strength and self-determination of all persons living with mental health issues.


  • To create a consumer-driven research agenda
  • Encourage participation and leadership development of persons with Mental Health issues that is inclusive and reflective of the social and cultural mosaic
  • Promote positive change for persons with Mental Health issues through a unified voice
  • Create a clearinghouse for the gathering and distribution of information
  • To generate policy and position papers
  • To develop an effective communication strategy

Who We Are

In the spring of 2004 folks involved at the Board, Staff, and Member levels of the National Network for Mental Health got to talking about a national coalition of consumer leaders to address the pressing policy issues we all address. It seemed at that time, since monies were accessible, that we should put forth a proposal to Social Development Canada to create such a coalition.

It was expected that if such a coalition was created, we could bring together leaders in mental health from across the country to address policies and positions of the consumers nationally, so that we can all benefit from a united voice. These position papers and policy statements could be adopted as is, or modified to meet the needs of each consumer organization operating in Canada, and will allow us to work and lobby for change with one voice. It is very difficult for government to not take into account our needs if we articulate them the same way in a consistent manner.

As time went on, it didn’t seem that we would be approved to get the funding to begin such an endeavour, and then Social Development Canada announced that we were approved for a three-year project to create our Coalition. On December 17th 2004, our last day of work before Christmas Holidays, we signed a contract enabling the beginning of what is now known as the “Canadian Coalition of Alternative Mental Health Resources”.

In mid January 2005 we brought together 24 leaders from across Canada to initiate the creation of the coalition as an entity created and facilitated by the National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) but not owned by the NNMH.

Currently the leaders have created the name, mission statement, vision statement and goals of the coalition. There are four committees, each being the Policy Committee, Communication Committee, Research Committee and Conference Planning Committee.

This Coalition is seeking organizational involvement from across the country, so if your organization wants to appoint a leader to work with us as we grow, we encourage you to contact [email protected] or 1-888-406-4663 to begin the process of your involvement.

Things are changing quickly in mental health, and we need to be involved and at the centre of any and all decision making processes.

Come join us!